About Me

I’m scared. Or at least I used to be. Not of spiders, or tall buildings, or even of public speaking. There was one question that fueled my sleepless nights, nail biting, and dreams of winning a million-dollar jackpot: How am I supposed to put my kids through college?

Unless you’ve got an extra $1,000 a month to put away, you’re probably also unsure about how you’ll tackle college for the kids.

I’m Nicole Robinson, mom, freelance writer, blogger, pistachio eater, and college planning, evangelist. I’m out to help families avoid the college sneak up.

I’m also a planner (not a college planner :-)). I researched college scholarships when my daughter was just a few months old. I found that most of the college prep information—and money—were geared towards high school juniors and seniors. That’s just too late!

MyCollegeBoundBaby.com is for parents who are tired of being afraid. Do you have a college question that’s been nagging at you? Let me know and we’ll find the answers together.

I’ll do my part by bringing you practical advice from college pros, authors and parents who have gone through the trenches.

But I need you to do your part, too. Prepare for a shameless plug in 321:

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More than anything, I want you to promise me that you won’t let college fears beat you. It’s okay to be scared. It’s not okay to let that fear rob you of your power.

We’re going from diapers to dorm rooms…Won’t you join the journey?