College Degree without Drowning in Debt Reviewed

When I think about how much it will cost to send my kids to college, three words pop into my brain. Scholarships. Scholarships. Scholarships! Were you thinking the same thing? The Internet makes it easier for students to find scholarships. Unfortunately, the web also makes it easier for scammers to cheat students out of their time and money. That’s no fun.

I was excited to get a copy of Getting a College Degree without Drowning in Debt: How to Find Scholarships Online by Gyan Devi and Myrriah Lavin.

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My two cents on College Degree without Drowning in Debt

The book has four major sections:

  • An overview that explains why scholarships are worth the trouble
  • A breakdown of what students need to jumpstart their scholarship hunt
  • An analysis of some of the best and worst scholarship websites and mobile apps
  • A primer on how to avoid scholarship scams

College Degree without Drowning in Debt was a quick, easy read. The information was practical and actionable. I liked how the authors challenge students to think of their scholarship search like their own home business. As scholarship entrepreneurs, students create a workspace, set a schedule, and enlist a team of people to help.

You may know first-generation college students are those students whose parents don’t have a college degree. But if you’re like me, you may not have realized that if one parent has a college degree and the other doesn’t, the student is still considered a first-generation college student. They can go after those first generation scholarships, too!

That’s just a small taste of the tips and tricks that I learned from reading this book.

Would you recommend to a friend?

I would recommend the book to any student who is serious about finding scholarships online. My recommendation comes with one caveat.

A good portion of the book is dedicated to the author’s analysis of scholarship websites and mobile apps. While its a great guide for avoiding scholarship scams, the detail of this section might slow down the scholarship hunter who needs to take quick action. Fortunately, the authors include a rating system to pinpoint the best websites. And which websites to avoid like an angry jellyfish.

Dont just take my word for it. Thanks to the authors, you can get a courtesy copy of Getting a College Degree without Drowning in Debt: How to Find Scholarships Online. Head over to Smashwords and use coupon code GU43W. The offer ends May 31st. After that, you can pick up a copy on Amazon.