5 Things You Need to Know About My College-Bound Baby

Rebranding a blog hurts. I’ve been fighting it for months. Not because I would have to change all of my social media accounts, risk losing followers, or struggle to build another website. Although all those things gave me some aches and pains.

The real reason I was hesitant to rebrand is that I didn’t want to be misunderstood.

I’m Nicole Robinson. You may know me as The BookWormMama. If you don’t know me, that’s cool. I’m certainly not a celebrity. Im just a mom with a vision: I want to help other parents tackle their fears about planning for college.

I hope this post gives you an idea of what we will (and won’t) be doing on this little piece of the blogosphere. If it resonates with you, you’ll want to keep in touch.

Here are five things you need to know about My College-Bound Baby:

No. 1 I’m not going to push you

If you’re looking for someone to crack the whip and get in your face about college planning, look elsewhere. I will bring you practical advice from college planning professionals. I’ll tell you things I learn along the way as I raise two college-ready kids. Ill even share my college planning failures (oh Lord, let them be few).

But I am not going to push you. I wouldn’t even suggest that you obsess about planning for college. I just hope that you’ll pick up ideas that you can use in your everyday life.

No. 2 It doesn’t matter if you have money for college

Somewhere along the way parents got this idea that college planning and college funding were the same things. They figure that if they can’t save for college, there is little else they can do to impact their child’s college future. Lies, all lies!

If you stumbled onto this blog by accident, you may be thinking, I can’t afford college, get me out of here. I hope you’ll rethink it. There is more to college planning than money.

You are your child’s secret weapon when it comes to college. And it doesn’t matter how fat your wallet is. 

No. 3 – Well be friends, even if you don’t pay for college

Last I checked, hard work never hurt anyone. If your child pays for college with scholarships and jobs, good on them, and good on you. To be transparent, I don’t plan to foot the entire bill for my kid’s college educations. I think they’ll appreciate college more if they have to work for it.

If you’re not paying for college by choice, or for lack of funds, we can still be friends. Even without the money piece, you and I still have a lot to discuss. College is no longer one of those things that kids just figure out on their own.

No. 4 I am not a college planner

I am not a college planner, but I think that’s a good thing. I’m a parent with the same questions as you: How will I put my kids through college? How do I keep my kids safe in a scary world? Will I ever find all of their missing socks?

Clearly, college isn’t the only thing on my mind. Watch this space for posts about parenting, blogging, and other hot topics.

If you are a college planner, I want to talk with you.

No. 5 This is what we’re really talking about here

I cringed when a well-known mom blogger slammed another mom for hoping that her young son would someday earn an athletic scholarship. Most commenters on the post thought it was absurd for a parent to look so far into the future. Well, color me absurd.

Aren’t we parents? We look deep into the future when our children only see the next moment. We take a wide view of the big picture when our kids can only see what’s directly ahead of them.

It’s perfectly okay to have aspirations for your children. You can support their scholarship and college future, without being an overbearing parent.

What were really talking about here is being an intentional parent. My College-Bound Baby is for parents who want to help their kids become their personal best. And we won’t be creepy about it.